New to Substack

Hello world.

Hello. I am Christina. I’m learning Substack and setting up my page. For now enjoy a photo of Peter James, the inspiration for the Tuxedo Cat Communications logo.

About my page: I have loved journalism since I was a kid so it's hard to accept, we don't have a media or journalist anymore. Instead, they are promoting coordinated propaganda. I created an independent media company to write articles that I feel are not being written because they don’t fit the MSM narrative of the moment.

In today's media, a story will be in the MSM for 30 seconds and goes away, never to be heard about again. My goal is to follow up on those stories. The MSM also overlooks people and situations because they are not famous, just your everyday person who deserves to have their story told. If you know this person, it would be an honor to give them a voice through my writing.

I have a master's in journalism. I was taught to report the facts, get both sides of the story, and let the readers decide. With your support I will be able to do that. Thanks for supporting my new Substack page.